An unforgettable journey to the secret
Island of Happiness
July 10 - July 16
7 days, 6 nights
Would you like to be filled with vital energy and plunge into a state of harmony?
It is possible with us!
Retreat on a secret paradise island - yoga, ocean, palm trees, white sand, azure bays with the study of secret technologies of success.
We invite you to the Maldives!
To a secret island paradise in the Indian Ocean!
You will be amazed by the beauty of the underwater world, enjoy the white sand and azure color of the waves, reboot on a secluded beach with palm trees and beautiful nature.
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Your island adventure will be full of events
You will learn to find harmony within yourself, get extraordinary emotions from travel and open the source of internal energy for a happy life.
Yoga and practices
Daily yoga practices for different levels of fitness, including beginners.
The most powerful practices for working with the subconscious.
Yoga dance as an art that awakens real life.
Meditations under the starry sky, to the sound of the ocean.
Practice of Silence "Listening to the voice of our inner guru."
Boat trips and excursions.
Unforgettable sunrises and sunsets supported by inspiring environments.
Dating with dolphins and sea turtles.
Walking along the beautiful white beach.
Snorkeling with colorful fish living on the colorful coral reefs.
Inspirational activities
Yoga practice classes.
Longevity secrets from Japanese emperors.
Effective technologies for personal growth and enhancement of vital energy.
Delicious barbecue on the shore to the sound of the ocean and the twinkling of the stars.
Party with locals, traditional dances to the music of a group of drummers.
Creators of an incredible adventure to find harmony and happiness
Julia Enhel
Founder of the ENHEL Group Corporation
Head of the best innovative clinic in Russia
Enhel Wellness Spa Dome
Expert in anti-age innovation
Personal growth coach
instagram Julia @yulia.enhel
Anastasia Ginger
Certified Teacher of the Indian School of Yoga "Alliance" with US support
Teaches yoga practices from scratch
Teacher of such areas as: hatha yoga, yoga in the flow, yoga in dance
instagram Anastasia @anastasiia_pavlovaa
Secret local island in the Maldives
Not far from Male, just 60 minutes by speed boat and you will plunge into the world of magic, beauty and harmony!

You will be surrounded by wonderful pristine nature.

You will enjoy silence and privacy.

Guest house just two minutes from the beautiful azure coast.

Yoga practices every day overlooking the ocean.

Right in the classroom, you can feel the power of the ocean!

Only healthy food - the freshest fish, vegetables, juicy tropical fruits.

There is a special menu for vegetarians.

Join us on the island of happiness!

Accommodation options on the island of happiness:

cost per person

  • SGL comfort room
  • Breakfast buffet and healthy detox lunches with local fruits, vegetables and traditional snacks
  • Transfer Male-Happiness Island-Male
  • All workouts and practices according to the program (Three workouts per day - yoga / yoga in dance, stretching, Enhel Body)
  • Personal growth practices
  • Unlimited snorkeling
  • All other events and cultural program
The island has 4 local restaurants with delicious food.
In restaurants you can taste delicious fish, meat, vegetables and seafood dishes.

The price does not include:
Flight to Male and back
Compulsory health insurance

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An unforgettable journey to the secret island of happiness
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